2009 – The Karl Files

Steven as Chip

Directed by: Greg Grabianski
Written by: Greg Grabianski, Kari Keillor
Produced by: Kari Keillor, Aimee Keillor
Production year: 2008
Original release: 2009
Running time: 25 minutes
Other cast: Kari Keillor, Kirby O’Connell, Justin Cholewa
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Based on the true stories of an outcast high school girl growing up in the late 1980’s, The Kari Files follows overweight, awkward 16-year old Kari D’Angelo’s quest for unattainable love (in the form of stoner Matt). To do so, she tries to restyle her hair, ingratiate herself with the popular girls and lose weight. As each of her embarrassing attempts only drives her further from her goal, the only sanctuary from her miserable existence is fantasizing herself into her versions of popular 1980’s movies.